Kathleen Andersen

BS Kinesiology-Athletic Training


Kathleen graduated San Diego State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic Training. She pursued her career in Athletic Training gaining experience working with professional, collegiate and youth athletes. While continuing her career in Athletic Training she found her true passion in rehabilitation and helping her athletes with their personal performance goals. While working as an Assistant Athletic Trainer for a San Diego high school, Kathleen began working for a spinal cord rehabilitation company – helping coach individuals with neurological disorders through modified exercise programs.  It was here that she was able to grow in creativity, creating her clients’ rehabilitation programs and looking at the entirety of the body and how different stimuli can affect how the body responds.  That company eventually progressed into a full-time position that prompted a move to Melbourne, Australia followed by Dallas, Texas to help franchise companies grow.  Always being an athlete herself and struggling through injury after injury she decided to focus on increasing her strength, flexibility and focus on figuring out where her pain was coming from.  She completed her strength and conditioning certification and began getting regular massage therapy and active stretching.  Seeing the benefit of combining these different approaches and practices, she decided to attend Sterling Health Center to get her license in Massage Therapy.  Kathleen’s goal is to create an integrated approach that focuses on manual therapy and bodywork, corrective exercise, sports performance, and nutritional guidance. Kathleen targets her clients’ main concerns and tailors their sessions based on their specific body needs.  With experience in Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, PNF, ART, cupping, Graston, and fascial stretch each appointment becomes a hybrid of therapies to create the most beneficial effect for her client.


Geoffrey Ballard

BS Exercise Science-Sport performance


Geoff graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science with a focus on sport fitness and wellness and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Geoff pursued a career working with athletes and individuals after a series of injuries lead to his leaving Carson-Newman College where he play football and wrestled.  Through overcoming surgery from injury, Geoff developed a passion for the functionality  and proper programming of physical training.  Geoff's goal for his coaching is to always progress, and through proper training, coaching, and rehabilitation approach each individual's specific needs. He utilizes his skill set in bio-mechanic principles to coach  individuals in proper barbell lifting technique, strength training programming, functional and corrective exercise, and fascial stretch therapy.